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Here, when something is lost and one is not really able to find it (second sock of a pair, keys, love, money, memory…), well it is lost. Forget it, it is elsewhere ! Yes elsewhere, but where?

HELSEWHERE ! A desert without limits where strange creatures find each day what we lost here. HELSEWHERE ! Where everyone hovers from time to time without knowing why, where the stones emigrate, where the dictator is a rabbit building borders which do not separate anything at all. Where the opponent is a religious guide, a cyclops which often loses its eye on the way… Where the plants have legs like everyone, where the dinosaur is a very impolite fellow.  HELSEWHERE ! Land of intelligent birds, of stupid angels and short rap singers. And yes ! It is there that all we lost is found.

Because nothing is lost, all is HELSEWHERE !